Chesed Center

The “Mizmor Rivka” Kindness Center was established to provide a direct and appropriate response to the needs of the disadvantaged population,the weakest sector of thecommunity.The organization’s extensive and comprehensive activities are held throughout the year. Their primary objective is to reach children – the developing future generation in need of those basic tools to grow and mature in the best and most proper manner

.We believe that when G-d grants a person with economic means and material plenty, he has an obligation to enable others to benefit from it as well. The organization has raised contributions from some generous benefactors who have taken to heart the hardships endured by these tender youngsters, and they have extended their hand to offer their help.

Alongside its own independent activities, the organization also maintains close contact with other authorities to provide the very best for the community. For example, in cooperation with the Yad BeYad non-profit organization, at the start of the school year, backpacks filled with school supplies are distributed to needy children. As winter approaches, “Mizmor Rivka” together with the “Min Shemaya” Fund operates a “Warm Winter” program.Through this initiative, dozens of children receive appropriate winter clothes, according tosize, warming the body and heart, enabling them to concentrate on their studies with a smileon their lips